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We want to fill a niche in the fast-growing NFT industry by introducing something new

Our goal is to bring this project to the fitness community around the world. We want to bring together people who love crypto, finance, hustle and workout.



Muscle Club 3D models represent a muscular statue with changes that make them collectible and valuable

We designed them so that you get a real 3D model and not just a jpeg. Their file format (gITF) makes them compatible with any 3D software. Any owner can make excellent use of them if they want to.

Preview model in 3D



Designed to please everyone visually


Exclusive items and Designer clothes for those who like to standout


Ultra rare details that everyone desires but not everyone have


Stage 0


April 2022

  • Project grand opening
  • Start of marketing campaign
  • First influencer collaborations
  • Beginning of building fitness community
Stage 1


June 2022

  • Sale of 1111 NFTs for 0.07 ETH
  • Public community wallet setup
  • Collaborations with big fitness influencers
  • Times Square advertisement
Stage 2



  • Sale of 2777 NFTs
  • Purchase of the land in the metaverse
  • The beginnings of building fitness clubs in the metaverse
  • Beginning of work on female 3d models
Stage 3



  • Sale of 5000 NFTs
  • Muscle Club tokens release for staking (cryptocurrency)
  • Beginning of Female Muscle Club
  • Let's celebrate the sale of our tokens! We will airdrop 20 rare Muscle Club NFT 3D models with champagne bottles to 20 people who own more than 2 of our tokens.

Would you like to learn more?

You can find more detailed information about the background and our
mission in our whitepaper
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Team Next
Bart - CEO / Creative Director
Co-founder of Muscle Club NFT

Founder of an e-commerce company in the fitness and gaming category. Committed and passionate about cryptocurrencies and blockchain since 2016 when he made his first investments. Visionary and perfectionist in everything he does. Gamer, filmmaker and stock trader in his spare time. As a gym lover, he has combined his NFT idea with the lifestyle he promotes.

Richard - Product Designer
Co-founder of Muscle Club NFT

Product designer with experience in global digital products. Responsible for customer experience and visual concept. His goal is to give the best look and holistic touch to the players and ecosystems of the products he designs. Richard's idea of colors he brought to our NFT and the design style of the club are our pride and joy. Artist in his spare time. He has been going to the gym for 4 years

Eva - Advisor
Advisor and Investor of Muscle Club NFT

With her passion for technology, Eva started exploring Blockchain 5 years ago, which led to many cross-functional projects. She has skills in all phases of operational process transformation. 15 years of experience in business operations and strategy with a focus on risk and data-driven culture management. She thinks analytically, focuses on the big picture, and is able to dig into the details and understand the implications.

Eva - Advisor
Wojtek - Developer
Blockchain developer of Muscle Club NFT

Developer with 15 years of experience. Responsible for the healthy functioning of our Muscle Club network. He oversaw all IT work, which was one of the main successes of the project. He started his blockchain journey 5 years ago. His programming adventure started at the age of 15 with Pascal language, so Wojtek went all the way through programming to go as far as creating NFT contracts.

@gods.disease - 3D Designer
Artist and art director of Muscle Club NFT

Created our 3D models with great precision. He specializes in surreal / sci-fi style. He also has 5 years of experience in motion design. He designs art for clothing brands. You can also see some of his artwork on our models' clothes.

Simon - investor
Investor of Muscle Club NFT

Simon gathered his early experience on traditional stock financial markets, moving later to FOREX which finally led him to the crypto world. He stands for Bitcoin from 2013 when he became its early adopter. He believes that cryptocurrencies will soon positively impact the international community. Supporting metaverse he has a huge contribution to our beautiful project. Privately he also invests in Digibyte.

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You can only mint your Muscle Club NFT 3D Model exclusively on our website only. We will let you know the exact date and time on Discord. So make sure you join us now by clicking here

Yes, join our Discord to learn more about how to be whitelisted

You can participate in pre-sale if you are whitelisted

Its main advantage is that it can be used as a jpg avatar or voxel representation of the player in the game. Also, owners and members get the opportunity to participate in a closed, exclusive and friendly community. With important fitness figures from social media

Muscle Club NFT lives on the Ethereum main-net with the ERC-721 contract standard. The files are hosted on IPFS

The InterPlanetary File System is a protocol and peer-to-peer network for storing and sharing data in a distributed file system. IPFS uses content addressing to uniquely identify each file in a global namespace that connects all computing devices

If you have successfully mined your NFT, you can view it after reveal by connecting your crypto wallet to OpenSea

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